Sample images from African Fractals chapter 2: Fractals in African settlement  architecture
An aerial view of the city of Logone-Birni in Cameroon. This is the largest building complex, the palace of the chief. 

Photo courtesy Musée de l’Homme, Paris.

Fractal model for palace

First three iterations of the fractal model

Aerial photo of Ba-ila settlement, before 1944. 

American Geographic Institute.


Note: I've scaled  the image vertically to compensate for the angle of the original photo, which was not taken from directly overhead.

First three iterations of fractal model for Ba-Ila village.

Fractal model for Ba-Ila village


Architectual diagram of Mokoulek, a village in  Cameroon, from Seignobos (1982).

Courtesy Editions Parenthèses.

Fractal model for Mokoulek

First three iterations of fractal model

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