STS and Ethnography: Comparisons to Clifford




H. Collins, Pinch, 1974, 1982, 1991

TEA Laser, Gravity Waves, etc.

Study communities of technoscience, not just laboratories.
Tacit knowledge, not just discourse and representations.
Problem of achieving competence in field (similar to indigenous fieldwork; see Clifford on claims for short field work).

Latour and Woolgar (1986)

rhetorical devices for converting observations to facts

“Going native” – how to remain naïve outsider. See Clifford on Cushing

Traweek, 1988

Particle physics labs

Analogy to indigenous groups will piss off scientists (as Gusterson notes)

Callon and Latour
1986, 1995

Non-human agency

Language problem: “interessment”, “enrollment,” etc.

Authorial authority problem (as identified by Collins in “epistemological chicken”) similar to Clifford’s comments (“Plato retains full control of the dialogue”)

Heath (1997), Martin 1996, Downey and Lucena (1997), Forsythe (2001).


Barely on radar screen for Clifford (except Piman Shaminism).

 “partner theorizing”, “hiring in”, “modest intervention”, etc.









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