Appropriating Technology




Volume Introduction.     Ron Eglash


Section 1: Body Tech


Section Introduction

Jennifer Crossiant


The Uses of Scientific Fact:  Pasteur's Public Experiment on

Anthrax in the Popular Press of the Time.     Massimaino Bucchi


The Bodybuilder's Pharmacy.     Jennifer L. Croissant


“All in my bag of tricks:” Turning a Trick with the Appropriate(d) Technology.    

Lisa Jean Moore


Anal Sex and the Female Condom:  Are Gay Men Getting a Bum

Wrap?     Michael Scarce


Border Skirmishes: Gender, New Technologies, and the Persistence of Structure.

Hank Bromely


Section 2: Information Technologies


Section Introduction.     Ron Eglash


The Scratch is Hip-hop.       David Goldberg


Cultural Paths to Computing: African American Women in a Community Technology Center.     Samuel M. Hampton


CyberFeminism Meets NAFTAzteca: Recoding the Technotext.     Virginia Eubanks


Propagating Alternative Journalism Through Social Movement Cyberspace:

The Appropriation of Computer Networks For Alternative Media Development. Brian Martin Murphy


The American Indian Computer Art Project: an interview with Turtle Heart.

Ron Eglash

Section 3: Environments


Section Introduction

Giovanna Di Chiro


Science by the People: Grassroots environmental Monitoring and the Debate Over Scientific Expertise.     Michael Heiman


Local actions, global visions: remaking environmental expertise.    

Giovanna Di Chiro


The Use of Computerized GIS Mapping Systems in the Struggle for Environmental Justice: Promise and Pitfalls.     Carmen Concepción


“Adjusting our Science to Human Beings”: Encounters Between Community-Based Knowledge and Environmental Science—An Interview with Linda Price King.     Giovanna Di Chiro


Appropriate/d Technology, Cultural Revival, and Environmental Activism: A Native American Case Study.     Valerie Kuletz


“Whose Trees/interpretations Are These?"  Bridging the Divide Between Subjects and Outsider-Researchers.

Peter Taylor


Section 4: Invention


Section Introduction.     Rayvon Fouché


Not Made for Black History Month: Lewis Latimer and Technological Assimilation. Rayvon Fouché


Unexpected Pleasures: Phonographs and Cultural Identities in America, 1895-1915. Lisa Gitelman


I Was a Teenage Sex Cyborg’: Young Gay Men and the Technological ‘Self.’     Richard Benjamin 


Up the Vélorution: Appropriating the Bicycle and the Politics of Technology.

Paul Rosen