Cultures of Inquiry

Dr. Ron Eglash, Mondays 10-12:50, Sage 5711

  Instructor:  Ron Eglash

Course Syllabus

0) Themes of this course

1) Brief  intellectual history part I: rationalism and empiricism

2) Brief intellectual history part II: epistemology

4) Kant's epistemology in a nutshell

5) Kant's ethics in a nutshell

6) Descartes' epistemology in a nutshell

6) Brief intellectual history part III: organicism




Benoit Mandelbrot criticizes Plato

Did Kant Misrepresent Hume?

The wild life of Imre Lakatos: Imre Lipsckitz changes his name to avoid Hitler's death camps, only to find that his new initials no longer match those on his shirt. This devout communist eventually achieves a post in the Hungarian Ministry of Education, but is then sent to Stalin's prison when he dares question authority. He finally ends up as Karl Popper's student in Cambridge. Click here to hear audio of Imre's "Science and Pseudoscience" lecture on 30 June 1973

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