Race/Ethnicity Studies in Science and Technology

Dr. Ron Eglash


Adinkra Symbols (with Lindsay Poirier)

Nanotechnology and Traditional Knowledge Systems

Oprah, 419 and DNA: Warning! Identity under Construction (with Tolu Odumosu)

Oppositional Technophilia

Ethics, Epistemology, and Ethnomathematics (NASGEm newsletter vol 2 #2)

Broken Metaphor: The Master-Slave Analogy in Technical Literature

The African Heritage of Benjamin Banneker

Bamana Sand Divination: Recusion in Ethnomathematics

An Ethnocomputing Comparison of African and Native American Divination Systems

DJ Mathematics (presentation for Family Tech Day Feb 2005

From Hip-hop to Flip-flop (translation to Estonian)

Why not end racism? (lecture for Lambda Upsilon Lambda and Alpha Phi Alpha, spring 2001)

Race, Sex and Nerds: from Black Geeks to Asian American Hipsters (ASA 2000)

The Race for Cyberspace: Information Technology in the African Diaspora (draft for Science as Culture)

When Math Worlds Collide

Africanisms in American Mathematical and Information Sciences (AFRICON 1995)


From Ethnomathematics to Ethnocomputing: power pointpresentation at ICEm-4

Other Links on Race and Science

Brain Atrophy In Elderly Leads To Unintended Racism

Links to Black Science History

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora (Dr. Scott W. Williams)

African Americans in the Sciences (Mitchell C. Brown)

Race and IT links

Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Media: Cyberspace (University of Iowa Department of Communication Studies)

Getting the Reality you Deserve (cultural politics of simulation games, by Julian Bleecker)

Culture, Class and Cyberspace Resources (Art McGee)

International Study Group on Ethnomathematics

Other Publications

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