Future of Information Technology Final Research Reports



1)     The required length is 3-5 pages (no handwritten papers will be accepted). Illustrations may be included in addition to the 3-5 pages of writing (that is, do not attempt to substitute illustrations for writing).


2)     The report should be divided into two sections: “state of the art” and “future.”


3)     The report should reflect the research you have done for your part of the presentation. It is fine if you have collaborated with others on your research area, but each of you must submit a separately written report. If you attempted to research something and did not turn up anything useful, you may also report on that effort (I want to make sure you get credit for all work done, not just the stuff that came out in the presentation).


4)     Take care not to plagiarize, especially when using materials from the web. If you are using someone else’s writing, you must put it inside quotations, and you must cite the source. Web citations should be in the “references” section at the end, and should be listed just like books: author (individual like “Smith, Joe” or corporate like “NASA” or “Institute for Nanotechnology”), title of the essay, title of the web site, URL (rather than publisher), and date (if none listed then use the date you found it on).


5)     If you are concerned about your writing (grammar, sentence construction etc) or analysis or anything else, you may turn in an early draft – I will provide feedback and no points will be subtracted. The final due date is Tuesday April 25th. If you need an extension on the deadline be sure to let me know before then.