Questions on Kelly ch 13-14


1)     pp. 230-233 contrast the games Populous and Civilization.

2)     233-6 Contrast Sim City and Sim Earth

3)     236-237 What is the relation between Jaron Lanier’s VR and the previous simulations discussed?

4)     238-240 Contrast the modernist view of simulation as an inferior fake with the postmodernist views of Eco and Baudrillard

5)     241-2 How might simulations help in the communication industry?

6)     243-48 What are the military interests in simulation?

7)     249-255 What general themes seem common to the collective simulations of BattleTech, MUDs etc?

8)     256-7 Why does Kelly bring up the Biblical account of creation?

9)     258-9 Who is Borges, and what is his (fictional) library?

10)260-3 What does Kelly imagine himself doing in Borges’ library

11)264-6 How does the work of Karl sims constitut a graphical equivalent to Borges’ library?

12)266-71 Describe the work of Dawkins and its parallels to Borges’ library.

13)272-5 Describe the work of Latham in “breeding” images.

14)277-8 Describe El-Fish.

15)279-82 How might evolutionism be used in future applications?