Questions on Campbell-Kelly and Aspray ch 1,3


1)      10-11 What was the class background of Babbage? How did his work as a student foreshadow his later work?

2)      9-10 What is meant by “table-making,” and how did this influence Babbage?

3)      11-13 What was the connection between computing and Adam Smith’s economics for Babbage?

4)      14-15 What were the challenges for Babbage in attempting the Difference Engine?

5)      53-54 What was the relation between the Difference Engine and the Analytic Engine?

6)      53-54 How did Ada Lovelace come into the scene?

7)      54-55 What were some of the predecessors for the functional concepts of the Analytic engine?

8)      56-57 What was Lovelace’s role and historic honors?

9)      58-59 How does the Babbage story end?