Questions on Mark Dery, “Black to the Future”

1) pp. 179-180 Why is it surprising that there is little African American science fiction? Why is “AfroFuturism” a troubling notion?

2) 182 What characteristics are found in music and film that Dery describes as AfroFuturist? 182-183 How do comics provide examples of Afrofuturism?

3) 183-187 How does artist Rammellzee connect Afrofuturism to hip-hop culture?

4) 188 How does Delany explain the low black readership in SF in the 50s-70s?

5) 191-193 How does Delany critique Dery’s suggestion that the use of technology in hip-hop is a possible antidote to black alienation from technology?

6) 193-194 How does Delany critique Gibson’s phrase, “the street finds it own uses for things?”

7) 194-195 Why does Delany say Gibson’s “space rastas” are not a hopeful sign of positive change? 196-197 How does he compare them to the Lo-Teks?

8) 207-209 what references that you recognize are mentioned by Greg Tate as relevant to AfroFuturism?

9) 210 What connections does Dery try to make between black spiritual traditions and information technology? How does Tate contrast the SF impulse to “know the unknowable” with that of black culture?

10) 212 Why is hip-hop use of Kraftwerk surprising, and how does Tricia Rose explain it?213-214 How does she analyze the hip-hop connection to AfroFuturism?

11) 216-217 What does Rose think of Haraway’s cyborg metaphor?