discussion questions for Fang ch 6


1)      pp. 189-194 Explain, using examples from these pages, the opening quote from Mark Poster.

2)      pp. 194-196 How did the computer change from calaulator to commmunication tool?

3)      pp. 197-200 Describe the evolution of the zine.

4)      pp. 201-207 What does Fang mean by “narrowcasting” and why does it require fiber optics?

5)      pp. 207-213 What are the relationships between signal access, signal bandwidth, and the various satellite communication technologies?

6)      pp. 214-217 How could electronic communication change the social dimensions of work?

7)      pp. 218-224 Describe (define) the following: internet, world wide web, BBS, chat room, MUD, newsgroup.

8)      pp. 225-226 Describe the unique features of email.

9)      pp. 230-236 How might interactivity change TV?