Questions on Turkle ch 7,8


(note: AI = artificial Intelligence, AL = artificial life, VR = virtual reality, RL = real life).


1) pp. 177-180 what is the relation between the increasingly common “cyborg” identity and social and psychological decentralization?


2) pp. 184-186 What frameworks exist for thinking about the difference between RL persona and VR persona?


3) pp. 186-192 Contrast the VR/RL experiences of Julee Gordon and Matthew.


4) pp. 192-206 Contrast the VR/RL experiences of Stewart and Robert.


5) pp. 208-209 How does Turkle narrate her own life in terms of multiple persona? Do you buy this, or is it just an ad hoc justification?


6) pp. 210-216 What does gender in cyberspace tell us about the social construction of RL gender?


7) pp.216-223 Compare VR/RL gender contrasts for Garrett, Zoe and Case.


8) pp. 223-231 What feminist issues arise in VR sex?