Questions on Turkle ch 9,10



1) pp. 235-238 What are the social challenges in terms of “loss of the real?”


2) pp. 238-246 What RL political issues arise for the internet and VR?


3) pp. 246-250 What political issues arise in VR (that is, within virtual communities)?


4) pp. 250-254 What issues arise in VR rape?


5) pp. 255-256 Other than virtual identity, what other aspects of our society have become increasingly flexible and fluid?


6) pp. 256-257 How did participants in the WELL discussion group report their experience with multiple persona?


7) pp. 258-259 How can the conflict between identity and multiplicity be reconciled? 259-261 Why have psychologists traditionally thought of only the unitary self as healthy?


8) pp. 261-263 What lessons does Turkel draw from her studies of VR multiplicity?


9) pp. 267-269 "The Threshold" of what? What does Turkle think will make the difference between a disaster and liberation?