Questions on Schon, Sanyal and Mitchell ch 2-3


1) pp. 46-47 What are the two opening stories illustrating?

2) pp. 48-9 Describe the digital revolution as seen by Gates and Negroponte.

3) pp. 50-51 What argues in favor of the continuation of cities? 52-53 What argues against the continuation of cities?

4) 54-57 What factors indicate that we may see a widening gap between the information rich and the information poor?

5) 58-60 What does Hall (the author) predict for the changes in urban geography?

6) 62 What would a neoconservative like Richard Herrnstein or Charles Murry suggest as a solution to this problem? What does Hall see as the solution?

7) 53-65 Why is this solution more complicated than it seems?

8) 72-3 In what ways have low-income urban communities been both havens and traps?

9) 74-77 What has been the overall tendency for the ethnic composition of low-income urban communities?

10) 74-75 Compare the poverty index and infant death rates for Washington DC and Providence R.I.

10) 78-80 what is income segregation?

11) 81 What problems are associated with center city poverty? 93 What are the trends for unemployment?