Women@internet questions on intro, ch 10-11


1)     pp. 150 What does Agustin mean by “geographical double-think?”

2)     pp. 149-151 Why is access to IT a “tricky” issue for migrant labor?

3)     Pp. 151 What does Agustin mean by “the literacy myth?”

4)     Pp. 152-153 Discuss the relations of issues of technology development, free choice, and cultural difference.

5)     Pp 154-155 How did earlier development ignore indigenous knowledge? How does contemporary development risk repeating that kind of mistake? What can be done to avoid it?

6)     Pp. 156 How did we see the change to socialism in the “African Fractals” book? How has Tanzania changed since socialism?

7)     157 What is TAMWA, and what were its challenges and successes in the 1980s?

8)     158 How does the author see IT in the relations between capitalism, community and environment in Zanzibar?

9)     159 Explain the author’s use of political analogies to encourage immediate use of IT in Africa.

10)159-160 How do sea turtles and the kanga fit into IT development?

11)158-160 What has been the role of NGOs for IT development in Zanzibar?

12)160-161 How do the various meanings of “community” affect the questions of IT development?