Women@internet questions on intro, ch 12-13


1)     pp. 162-3 Who is Bray-Crawford and what is she promoting?

2)     Pp. 163-4 How did the NetWarriors movement come into being?

3)     Pp. 164-165 What is Bray-Crawford’s “indiginal mapping?”

4)     Pp. 165-166 What problem arises in intellectual property rights?

5)     167-168 How do the temporal and spatial properties of IT (eg asynchronous communication) provide special opportunities for indigenous political activism?

6)     169-170 Explain Bray-Crawford’s network examples in terms of either Haraway’s “cyborg” metaphor or Latour’s “hybrids.”

7)     173-174 What are the relations between women and poverty in Asia? How has this affected Asian women’s access to IT?

8)     174-175 Other than poverty, what issues arise for Asian women’s participation in IT?

9)     176-7 What is ISIS, and how did they reach different women internationally? What other women’s groups did they work with?

10)177-8 What negative experiences did the international participants express?

11)180 using the list on this page, what issues seem similar to what you would expect to find in a first world’s women’s list, and what issues might be more specific to Asian women’s concerns?