Race and Ethnicity in STS

Fridays 10-12:50, Sage 5711, Instructor:  Ron Eglash


Course Syllabus

Discussion 9/7/2012 Discussion 10/19/2012    
Discussion 9/14/2012 Discussion 10/26/2012    
Discussion 9/20/2012 Discussion 11/2/2012    
Discussion 9/28/2012 Discussion 11/9/2012    
Discussion 10/5/2012 Discussion 11/16/2012    
Discussion 10/12/2012 Discussion 11/30/2012    

Lectures etc.

Why do research?    
Brief philosophy overview; what is STS?    
Biology of race in a nutshell    
A brief genealogy of race    
Racism vs ethnocentrism    
Towards a Cybernetics of Race    

Materialist analysis: advantages
Materialist analysis: disadvantages

Appropriating Technology    



Understanding Race (American Anthropological Association)

Glossary for some terms often used in STS

Short descriptions of anthropological theories (MNSU)


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