Appropriating Technology: Vernacular Science and Social Power
edited by Ron Eglash, Jennifer Crossiant, Giovanna Di Chiro, and Rayvon Fouché University of Minnesota Press July 2004
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Table of contents

Other Appropriating Technology links
Conferences and presentations
In the making, On the move: Global Perspectives on Technology Appropriation (2017 4S panel: Martin Andrés Perez Comisso; Luis Lourenço Soares; Andhra Pradesh Padma Chirumamilla; Kuo-Hui Chang; Nikhil Agarwal; Robin Williams; Ole Waever; Miguel Muñoz; Vincent Duclos)
Cosmopolitan Appropriation: White Cataracts and the Innovative User as Producer (2011 4S talk, Logan D. A. Williams)

When Self-organization Meets Appropriation: Collective Technological Flexibility and Social Power (2011 4S talk, Ron Eglash)

Cultural Borrowings: A Study Day on Appropriation, Reworking and Transformation (Panel, University of Nottingham , UK
Wednesday March 19th, 2008)
Problematizing Technological “Appropriation” (Panel, Society for Social Studies of Science
Annual Meeting, Montreal Canada, October 2007
Books, Essays and Websites
Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud: African Americans, American Artifactual Culture, and Black Vernacular Technological Creativity (R Fouche)
Generative Technologies from Africa
Appropriating Technology: social justice and human development
Creative insubordination in ethnomodeling
Conceptualising Resourcefulness as a Dispersed Practice (Lenneke Kuijer, Iohanna Nicenboim, Elisa Giaccardi)
Interrogating Mobiles: A story of Nigerian appropriation of the Mobile Phone (PhD thesis, Tolu Odumosu)

African Cyber-Crime (Louis Chude-Sokei) 

DIY (wikipedia entry)
Shanzhai: Chinese knock-off artifacts and activities
Pirate Party International: political parties that oppose IP regulation and promote free information exchange
São Paulo motoboy ethnographers: Re-making politics (François Bar, Francis Pisani and Matthew Weber)
Appropriating the Internet for Social Change: Towards the Strategic Use of Networked Technologies by Transnational Civil Society Organizations (SSRC)
Appropriating Technology in Teacher Education (Melissa Poole)
Appropriating Technology in Melanesia (Edward Smith)
User Innnovation (MIT website)
Democratizing Innovation (Book by Eric Von Hippel)
Appropriating handheld computers for education in rural Africa (Jenny Leach et al)
Conceptualizing Technology Policies for Networked Urban Spaces in the Third World (Govind Gopakumar)
What's in a name? Exploring the connections between abstraction and appropriation (Jones M.C. & Twidale, M.B.)
"Let them use emacs": the interaction of simplicity and appropriation (Twidale, M.B. & Jones M.C.)
Design for Unintended Use (Erik Stolterman)
Everyday Innovators: Researching the Role of Users in Shaping ICTs (Leslie Haddon and others)
The Survival of the Fitter: Lives of Some African Engineers (John Powell)
Gillespie, Tarleton. "Designed to ‘Effectively Frustrate’: Copyright, Technology, and the Agency of Users"
What Else Is New?How uses, not innovations, drive human technology.(Steven Shapin)
Garrett Yazzie, an eighth grader from the Navajo Nation, wins award for his solar heater created from a 1967 Pontiac radiator
Hand-cranked record (from film "tailenders")
Afrigadget: Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity


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