PDI Design Studio 5

Fall 2017 STSH 4610 Mon Thur 9-11:50  SAGE rm 2211

Instructor: Dr. Ron Eglash


Special thanks to community members at our field sites

"if you make a mistake, make it loud, so you won't make it again next time" -- Art Blakey

"Good tests kill flawed theories; we remain alive to guess again" -- Karl Popper

Course Syllabus


Projects from previous years

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Developing an STS perspective on design

Handout,"Qualitative Social Science Methods in Design"

What is ethnography? (Jen Barton) 

Ron's Tips for Good Design Process 

David Doria: Open Source

The myth of biological determinism: a view from human evolution (for more see S.J. Gould, Mismeasure of Man, New York: W. W. Norton & Company 1981)

Online readings


Cultural Politics of Electronic Media

Class reserves at RPI Library

Mimi Ito, "Engineering Play: Mobilizing Fun in the Production and Consumption of Children’s Software"

Culturally Situated Design Tools

Theory of multiple intelligence in education:

Intelligence in seven steps (Howard Gardner)

Multiplying Intelligences in the Classroom (Bruce Campbell)

Curriculum for Success: A Portrait of a Student Failed By the System (Ellen Weber)

Lisa Nakamura, "Race In/For Cyberspace"

Getting the Reality you Deserve (cultural politics of simulation games, by Julian Bleecker)

Social dimensions of educational toy design

Stockholm International Toy Research Center

Ethnic Identity in Adolescents and Adults (Jean S. Phinney)

Video Game Characters and the Socialization of Gender
Roles: Young People’s Perceptions Mirror Sexist Media
(Karen E. Dill)

Why knock-offs are good for the fashion industry

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Connecting flash to Arduino      Flash to Arduino examples   How to make a rhythm game in flash

Mobile Studio      HTML and CSS tutorials    

8051 microcontroller kit

Basic Stamp start

Basic Stamp programming


Electronic Resources Online (David Johnson)

Laptop Oscilloscope (Konstantin Zeldovich, Moscow State University)

Tutorial on the 555 chip (Tony van Roon)      Resister code calculator

Other links


Evaluation tutorial


NY State Assessment Exams for K-12 students

NY State Core Curriculum / Resource Guides

Culturally Situated Design Tools

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