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Dr. Ron Eglash
School of Information
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Work phone:  (734) 763-2285 
email: contact "eglash" using ""
Erdös number 3
Lecture schedule

Curriculum vitae

Current Courses at UM

Design for Generative Justice

Foundations of Information Studies

Self-organization in Science and Society

Previous Courses at RPI

Generative Justice

Product Design and Innovation Studio V

Science in the Key of Life

Science Studies

Race and Ethnicity in STS

Advanced Research Methods

When Knowledge Worlds Collide

Social Dimensions of Nanotechnology

Cultures of Inquiry

Science and Social Theory

Research Seminar in Science and Technology Studies

History of Information Technology

The Future of Information Technology 

Information Technology, Society and Culture

Information Technology Revolution: myth or reality? 

Previous Courses at OSU

Values Science and Technology in Global Perspective 
(Comparative Studies 597)

Values Science and Technology in American Culture 
(Comparative Studies 367)

Feminist Approaches to Science and Technology 
(Women's Studies 651)

Engineering in Global Perspective 
(Comparative Studies 294)

Cultures of Computing (Comparative Studies 651)

Complex Systems (Biomedical Engineering 990)

Current Research

African Fractals

Generative Justice

Native American Cybernetics

Culturally Situated Design Tools

Community Informatics

Communication Studies

Race/Ethnicity in Science and Technology

Appropriating Technology: vernacular science and social power

Social Studies of Cybernetics

Social Studies of Science

Complexity Theory and Practice

International Study Group on Ethnomathematics

Sustainable Development