History of Information Technology

Fall 2000 Course # 21711  STSS  4966  MR 2:00 - 3:50 pm, Lally 104. Instructor:    Ron Eglash

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Week 1 notes:

1) What is IT?

2) What is an IT revolution?

3) Some outcomes of IT revolutions

4) The analog/digital distinction

5) Media determinism/anti-determinism

6) Native American IT

7) Questions on Fang ch 1-2

Week 2 notes:

 Questions on Fang ch 3


Week 3 notes:

 Questions on Fang ch 4

 Questions on Fang ch 5

Week 5 notes:

 Questions on Fang ch 6

African Fractals ch 7

Week 6 notes:

 Notes on Ada Lovelace

Questions on Campbell-Kelly ch 1,3

 Film Conceiving Ada

Week 7 notes:

Lecture on social choice in NC machining 

Questions on Campbell-Kelly ch 2,3

Questions on Heims ch 1,2

 Euclidean vs Fractal approaches in the history of math and physics 

Week 8 notes:

Jewish Epistemology in Cybernetics

Self-reference and the limits of  logic 

questions on Hiems ch 10-11

Week 9 notes

Questions on Campbell-Kelly ch 4-5

Questions on Campbell-Kelly ch 9

Cybernetics and American Youth 


Week 10 notes

Questions on Dery

The Race for Cyberspace: Information Technology in the Black Diaspora 

Week 11 notes

Questions on Turkle ch 1-2

Questions on Turkle ch 3-4

Bot websites

Week 12 notes

Questions on Turkle ch 5-6

Questions on Campbell-Kelly ch 12

Week 13 notes

Questions on Turkle ch 7-8

Questions on Turkle ch 9-10

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